My husband and I have been making changes for zero waste living for several years. From giving new life to old furniture to following a plant based diet, and buying clothes made with natural materials. There are many areas and details that one needs to be conscious about, however small continuous changes (weekly or monthly) make a big difference in a year. 

If you are interested on starting your zero waste lifestyle, find books and videos to guide you on your journey! I believe every day brings a new opportunity to change and become a better version of oneself for our well being, as well as society, and the environment we live in and pass on to future generations.

When it came to buying an essential oil diffuser, we didn't want to get a plastic one. It took me a couple of months to finding the right one. Fortunately, we found the Raindrop at Organic Aromas and have been enjoying it for the past few months. Not only is plastic free, but also made of wood and glass.

5 Benefits of Using a Plastic-free Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser:

1. Zero waste, eco-friendly, sustainable.

2. No harmful plastic particles are released into the air because only glass is in contact with your essential oil.

3. Nebulizers do not need water, therefore your essential oils are diffused in their purest form, making them most effective and therapeutic.

4. No heat is used, maintaining the healing properties and integrity of pure essential oils.

5. It is made with natural materials and will look beautiful in your home or office.

For tips on finding an essential oil company that you can trust or know which one I use, read this blog post!