I recently ordered from Aromatics International and love their high quality therapeutic certified organic essential oils. Each batch is rigorously tested and they show the GC/MS reports on their website. Also, each oil is responsibly sourced and they cultivate relationships with farmers and distillers who practice sustainability.

Here are 3 tips on how to know if an essential oil company is transparent and their essential oils pure:

1. Their essential oils are lab tested and they share the GC/MS results with you. The GC/MS report is like an “ingredient list” for what is in the oil.

2. The company works directly with essential oil distillers and practices sustainability. It is imperative for any company selling essential oils to know what happens during the production process: 

  • How are the plants grown and harvested?
  • Are the plants certified organic?
  •  If it is not possible for the land to be certified as organic, are organic practices used and if so, what are those practices?
  • Are the plants wildcrafted and harvested by hand?
  • Who is the farmer?
  • Who is the distiller?
  • How long have they been farming and distilling?
  • What is their reputation?
  • Can you go and visit the farm or the still . . . or both?

3. The essential oil company goes out of its way to share information with you like:

  • GC/MS reports
  • Where the essential oil was produced
  • When the oil was produced
  • What the oil’s shelf life is
  • Cautions and contraindications
  • Their sustainability standards

Also, they educate its customers with information about safety and how to use essential oils effectively, based on the latest research and evidence.

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