Harmony with nature, mindfulness, quiet imperfect beauty, and rawness describe the process and philosophy behind The Poetry of Silk.

This journey started out of my love for botanical dyeing pure silk textiles and working with my hands. Art and the palette of flowers and plants inspire me when creating hues. I offer limited edition color stories and each batch has a small variation which makes it one of a kind.

Every step is slow-crafted by hand in my studio: from hand dyeing silk using plant dyes from flowers, roots, foliage, nuts, fruits, and woods; sourced from fair trade companies or locally foraged, to tearing it organically into ribbons embracing imperfection, lightly pressing for a natural texture, and rolling onto handmade wooden spools.

Plant dyed silk ribbons by The Poetry of Silk are eco-friendly. Saving our waterways from unnecessary pollution is very important to us. Perfect for the nature-lover looking for a meaningful detail to adorn a fine art wedding bouquet, invitations, photography styling, and/or gift wrapping!

Handmade in my studio in Orlando, Florida, USA.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

— Fabiola


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